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Hypnos are a long-established family business with an illustrious Royal history to be proud of. They pour it all back into the design and craft, hand building the most comfortable beds customers have ever owned. Handmade in their Buckinghamshire workshops, you’ll find their mattresses and beds in the best yachts, palaces and hotels all over the world, as well as in homes like yours. Shop our range at Chrysties Furnishing Centre!
Eleanor Bedroom Range Range
Elite Posture Alpaca Range
Elite Posture Cashmere Range
Elite Posture Silk Range
Elite Posture Wool Range
Francesca Bedroom Range Range
Grace Bedroom Range Range
Isabella Bedroom Range Range
Josephine Bedroom Range Range
Pillow Comfort Coral Range
Pillow Comfort Garnet Range
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Victoria Road, Hawick, TD9 7AH
01450 372248
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